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Re: Thanks Siegfried....

BushmanOrig wrote:

You a real trouble maker Anders.....

Yes, that's what emperors tend to say about their insubordinate subjects.

you go from argument to argument and each time stir again hoping to get a response......

Not from you. I have given up on that long ago.

I did not say you should not use a Panny lens.....or did I?

You most certainly did.

In the new version of your blog post, you say:

Important for us users are the fact that these new technologies really give us a benefit when we use the body and the lens together as one system. At this stage it is only Olympus MFT lenses that offer the right technologies to link properly with that build into the Olympus MFT bodies.

In the original version of the blog post you additionally said:

I am again and again surprised when I read photographers saying the Panasonic m43 lens option combined with the Olympus body gives best results.

If it was absolute AF speed or best camera lens performance I was looking for, I would go back to the Olympus lens offer only

Now these statements have for some reasons disappeared in the new version of the blog post but Google is our friend:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=4dccd76e6a9aff8a&biw=1920&bih=1023,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=4dccd76e6a9aff8a&biw=1920&bih=1051

Not that I am particularly surprised at this cover-up operation of yours. Emperors are known to do such things.

Now in the preceding thread where, as you put it, you "purposely provoked the discussion a little", you additionally said:

the 14 - 45 is "old" in MFT terms plus its a very poor performer without software correction on the RAW level

My preference is the 14 - 42 MKII as it way better match the E-M5.

The 12 - 50 is in fact a great lens and already include very advanced technologies to match the E-M5 focussing capabilities.... Much better choice then any of the other two I mentioned.

knowing that Leica at the time of its launch refused to give it [the 14-45] the Leica stamp as it was not conforming to their strickt standards, its a lens heavily software corrected (we do not see the real picture) and Panasonic lenses are not optimum on Olympus cameras.........

Olympus make use of different lens elements to get rid of CA, their lenses are optically on a much higher standard plus plus plus.....

The 14 - 45 does not support the latest MSC technology the 12 - 50 has and which directly supports the E-M5 lightning fast AF - therefore saying the 14 - 45 is old in mft terms.....

The orgiginal 14 - 42 lens was slower in AF but more contrasty and color rich than the 14 - 45 and thatwithout the high level of software correction....

From your [Anders W] reply I can see you did very little reading on the new technologies build into the new generation Olympus lenses. I therefore cannot argue with you while you not properly pin intended...:-)

In terms of an old lens in the MFT basket the 14 - 45 is good, especially on bodies like the Panasonic G range. I appreciate there is a little emotion when referring to the 20mm, the 14 - 45 and other Panasonic lenses, the forum is also full of compatibility issues with these lenses.

I repeat, if you really like to take advantage of the new technologies in the E-M5 then the only answer is the Olympus lens offer. How to fill the gap - the better support Olympus has the faster we will see the gaps being filled with real top class performers....

Please sit back and study the Olympus pages for all the info on its new gen lenses plus the bodies


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