Cheesycam filter holder set

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Re: Big question is if you can use the magnetic rings on their own

LH wrote:

As far as I know, Samsung doesn't have anything to do with this filter attachment method. Does your information suggest otherwise?

For grins, take a look at these comparative pictures...

I was responding to someone else bringing up the topic. Jonathan Ives has always been open about being inspired by the brilliant Dieter Rams. The difference is that when Apple used and developed design themes that had been developed by Dieter Rams at Braun it was not doing so in competition with any existing Braun products. It's one thing to look back in the history of design for inspiration it's quite another to clone a product that has been out for a few months. Samsung are a big and formidable company - let's see them come up with something insanely great of their own and make their own dent in the universe.

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