Prague with the Panasonic GX1 + PanaLeica 25mm 1.4

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Re: Prague with the Panasonic GX1 + PanaLeica 25mm 1.4

Thanks! It's incredibly easy with the GX1 really (as it was with the GF1 I owned before). All of these were on auto-bracket, which is easily accessible by the down arrow on the 4-way controller, and were handheld. I've just purchased a reasonable tripod that just about fits in my messenger-type bag so I'm looking forward to using that in future, though it wouldn't have been convenient for most of these HDRs really.

The software I'm using is Photomatix, which I would definitely recommend. You may like the presets more than I do, but you can get a lot of control out of the process. Of course, that also means its a bit harder to learn it, which I'm still doing, but I like playing around with the sliders and developing to my own taste. Some day maybe I'll try and learn about what effect they're actually having so I can be a bit more accurate in my processing but experimenting is fun for now.

Oh and my spacing was 1 stop increments. I usually shoot either a 5 shot bracket or a 7 shot bracket. Occasionally if the scene has too much movement or I'm time limited I;ll do a 3-shot set. Though the image above with the cathedral in the background, and the people moving down a street in the foreground was a 5 or 7 shot set. Selective ghosting in the software works a charm, though sometimes I find that I have to cancel the process and redo it just to tidy things up (perhaps more user error than anything)!

Len_Gee wrote:

Thanks Tom,

BTW, I'm in the minority who really likes most OTT HDR.

I enjoyed looking at your pics here. Is it fairly easy to shoot HDR with the GX1?

I ask because I recently bought the GX1 and added the same PanLeica 25 f/1.4. Still learning though and have not tried HDR.

What HDR software do you use?

How many shoots per HDR? Spacing?

Did you use a tripod for these HDR?

Kind regards.

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