FZ200 - Enlargement limts?

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Re: FZ200 - Enlargement limts?

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Assuming the proper techniques and settings were used, if you stood at a reasonable viewing distance from an enlargement of one of my photos and one from the guy standing next to me with his DSLR, what if any difference would you expect to see?

Depends entirely on your definition of proper and reasonable.

For example, does 'proper technique' mean an exposure which captures equal highlight detail, or an exposure which captures equal shadow detail? They may be significantly different, comparing a DSLR with the FZ200, if both cameras are used at base ISO.

What may be a 'reasonable viewing distance' will vary from individual to individual. We need to be more specific.

Generally, a viewing distance which allows one to see the entire composition without turning one's head from side to side, and which allows one to appreciate most of the fine detail, is a distance of about 1.5x the diagonal of the print.

I would say that a viewing distance of 1.5x the diagonal of the print is a 'reasonable' viewing distance. Others may disagree. Some folks consider 1x the diagonal of the print is the 'correct' viewing distance.

One thing is certain, the greater the viewing distance from the print, the less the differences are between different cameras. At a certain large viewing distance, even a $40,000 MFDB will look no better than an FZ200, provided there is no serious blowing of highligts or totally blocked shadows.

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