18200 & DH1758 1.7x extender

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Re: 18200 & DH1758 1.7x extender

Actually, I was referring to the post about the 50/1.8. By adding on the 1.7 extender it becomes effectively 85/1.8 (assuming little or no light loss). My concern is loss of IQ (bokeh, sharpness, color, etc).

I just picked one up on ebay so I'll try it and see! My main purpose is to extend the 55-210 and I've seen it works well with that lens.

Letsgokoulos wrote:

You do not loose any light with the DH1758 extender, and there is no reason why the bokeh should be deteriorated.

You just have to make sure it will not vignette on your 85mm. What filter diameter would your 85mm be ? If it stays around 58mm, it should be fine.


PDavis wrote:

I think an 85mm f/1.8 would make a nice portrait lens. Anything about the extender that would detract? Perhaps there's some light loss or bokeh deterioration?

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Although I do not really see the point of using the DH1758 extender with the Sony 50mm f1.8, I just checked and confirm it does not vignette at all with this lens. So yes, it does work properly with the 50mm.


processedmeat08 wrote:

Sorry to hijack this thread, op, but what other lenses does you extender work well with? Specfically, does it work on the 50mm 1.8? Thanks!

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