My first post. SX40 pictures

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Re: My first post. SX40 pictures

Hello there. The SX40 sure is fun, isn't it? The low shutter speeds listed in the settings info above your pics indicate that you were shooting in low light. That is responsible, I suspect, for the fuzziness in some of the images. You can get sharp pictures with very low shutter speeds with the SX40, but a lot of things have to go right. The images also appear somewhat overexposed to me. I would try minus 1/3 to 2/3 stops of exposure compensation. I almost always need it, and its easy to set with the wheel in the back of the camera. In my experience with the SX40, there is no substitute for good light, which affords high shutter speeds and low ISO's. One tip: you might try attaching a natural branch to the pole the bird is sitting on. The flowers make a beatiful setting, but the pole, like a feeder, is deadly to a nature photo.

In the shot below I had great light. I could shoot at 100 ISO and handhold the camera at 840mm. But, alas, I had to chop off the White-breasted Nuthatch's feet because of the ugly feeder. I have since replaced the feeder tray with branches.


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