Am I the only person who acturally likes noise in my photos?

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Re: Am I the only person who acturally likes noise in my photos?

I used to shoot a lot of high ISO film, especially at concerts due to low light leves, and then / push/ the film, and so ended up with a lot if grain. But ( and I have posted this view befor on DPR) film grain and digital noise are two very different things. Film grain was organic and beautiful, and used creatively in a shot, colour or b&w could loot stunning. However noise produced by digital cameras is horrible. It is, just that, visual noise. It's not nice. To look at. Whereas film grain created tones and edges and was the actual image so to speak, noise is just like a nasty covering over an image that degrades it and does little artistically. Having said that I have produced a couple of B&W images, taken at night with my p&s that I do quite like. But to me noise will never replace grain. Also we could produce many different types of grain, by say developing film for a much shorter time, but at a much higher temperature than recommended, almost cracking the emulsion up. Those techniques are now long lost I suppose.

Astound wrote:

There seems to be an obsession with high ISO and low noise at the moment. Perhaps this has always been the case since digital overtook film.

I remember buying ISO 800 film with the sole purpose of introducing noise/film grain into my pics. And with current SLR and mirrorless cameras able to shoot 1600 easily with limited noise - when printing anyway - I wonder what the priorities are for photographers these days?

I have canon SLR and a mirrorless and, with both of them, I can shoot pretty much into pitch dark and get a usable result. Maybe I'm just getting old and grouchy, but it seems almost wrong to me.


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