I am sorry I hate the Nikon P7700

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Re: For me...

No problem. You should use the camera that fits your needs.
I'm not trying to convince you about the P7100.
But I can tell you these pictures were not "post-processed".

They were batch converted from raw, reduced, and that's it, except for the 1st: I had to slightly adjust white balance, as it was shot with flash, and had a slight blue cast.
That's not what I call "post-processing", or "manipulating".

I'm not a pro, and I just shoot snapshots when travelling. I use raw, because it gives better images at high iso, and the possibility to adjust white balance if needed. And I use Capture NX, because it is the most accurate converter for NEF files, particularly when it comes to color rendering.

The Fuji have better jpegs (the Canon, too: I had a G11, before). If you don't want to bother with raw, they might be better choices. I agree with you: raw converters I've tried with Fuji raw files gave worse results than jpegs.

About the P7700, it certainly will be a very good compact, but I'm an old school VF guy...
Just my 2 cts

michelobultra wrote:

I'm not interested in "post processing" as these examples that you posted were shot in RAW and processed in Capture NX. Any photo can be manipulated in Photoshop or the like to look better.

I'm interested in straight out of the camera JPEG's. Shot at the default settings. You'll see, that this camera just can't do it. Again, I'm not bashing the camera, it's great for everything else but just not people. Fuji's X-10/X100 actually take better pictures in JPEG then raw. You don't need raw with that camera. Amazing.

I loved the 7100 and am interested in the 7700 but only if it can also be used to take just as awesome pictures of people as it does with everything else.

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