If confirm 5R has lower resolution than 5N, new sensor a downgrade?

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Re: PhotoClubAlpha backs it up

Jefftan wrote:

If there is confusion it is the fault of Sony

Or is it the fault of the people who mis read the numbers? Lets say the Techradar measurments are right, then at some ISO settings there is about 10% lower sharpness (not 20% as 22 for the Nex5n and 20 for the Nex 5r is just 10%)

Then comes the story of photclubalpha. They tell a story not based on a real camera, but just on the technical sheets of the patent. They change their story after a short time, but, long live the internet, the original story still is used in these threads.
So in short, it is not only Sony's fault...

The cause the confusion by not fully explain the technology

Why should they, the only thing that should matter is the photogrphic results at the end of the day, not the way it is technicly done...

It is not unreasonable to suspect that IQ will go down with non light gather piexel on senosr

Very true, IQ will go down, the only questions is: will it be visible in the end result? numbers tells nothing about that. Only real life pictures will. And as said before, the PDAF function can deliver sharper pictures as the focussing can be faster and more accurate (when the rumors are correct) So you may get a little less IQ, that you only can see in the nubers from tests, but sharper pictures...

For people who uses very high quality, manual focus glass this can be a real downsite, but for the majority that uses the dedicated E-mount AF lenses the PDAF system can be a big plus.

The question is big hit or small hit in IQ

Very true

no doubt there will be some hit in IQ

no doubt it will not be visible in real life pictures and that is what counts...

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