The D800 is a Landscape/Studio Camera

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Re: The D800 is a Landscape/Studio Camera

I agree with you.

Even though my main interest is landscape photography, I consider that the D800 is not a camera for me.

The D800 is certainly a very nice camera, but what I want is a general purpose FF camera with very good IQ in a D700/D300 like body and a maximum resolution of 24 mp (problem you report, PP time,....)

I am not a pro, just a passionate that do photography as a hobby for more than 30 years; besides landscape photography, I also do event photography, family,..., and I that case I need higher FPS and reactivity.

I terms of resolution I consider the 12mp of my current D300 as enough most of the times; in the very few cases that I wanted to increase the pixel count, I used photo stiching (up to 50 mp)

I think that Nikon creates a big gap in its pro range by not remplacing the D700 and the D300; the D600 looks promising but I see it mainly as FF "for the consumer" ; I need more in terms of body (AF, weather sealing, grip size...); as for the D3/D4, much too expensive/heavy for me.

It looks like I am in a "market segment" that does not interest Nikon anymore ...

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