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Re: Same angle again...

JMacedo wrote:

I just have two questions to you and hope you don't feel offended...
Who are you to tell me what I can post or not post?

Are you as Canon shooter now dictating what photos should or not be posted here just because FOR you they are boring or not up to your very high standards?

In your previous post you imply that my comments are not constructive. When I take the time to do exactly that, you ignore it and respond angrily.

You really seemed bothered by my humble pics... just relax and go taking some photos, life is too short you know?

Well, I thought your purpose in putting up these images over and over and over again in this global forum was exactly that: to draw attention and possibly critique. Apparently I was wrong, and the latter was not desired. Sorry then, I'll allow you to continue soaking up praise for your undisputedly valuable gear... - oops, work.

(Note to self: don't even think of mentioning ever having touched another brand of photographic equipment when discussing artistic merits of an image. This automatically disqualifies you from discussion - after all it's the gear brand, and how much you've spent on it, which determines the quality of one's photos, not personal skills.)

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