The D800 is a Landscape/Studio Camera

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The D800 is a Landscape/Studio Camera

When machine-gun photographers who depend on chance rather than skill talk about the D800, they talk about 4 Frames per second being too little.

And I might even be compelled to agree, however the far larger problem that I see is why the D800 is locked down to 4FPS.


I’m actually very impressed that Nikon was able to get 4FPS out of the D800. But it comes at a very high cost.

On less than optimal memory cards, the Nikon will be unavailable for a sudden change to video mode until the buffer is COMPLETELY CLEARED.

I suppose that with SDHC & compact flash, this wouldn’t be an issue at all; had you set it up correctly.

But when you only have 1 type of card in the camera, the buffer fills up and it is FAR, FAR slower to write than previous cameras. Meanwhile, you cannot use the camera. There’s not ANYTHING you can do; the camera becomes an hour glass.

If you take just 3 pictures and try to suddenly change to live-view video, it won’t work. The buffer is required to be completely free.

This is not a big deal to me, but it prevents the camera from being a wedding or really any kind of people shooter. Sports, weddings, or anything involving moving objects almost require a machine gun use. Did you get that kiss? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 shots; yes I did.

But then the buffer is full and you have to wait an eternity to use the camera and there is absolutely ZERO chance to change to video-mode. SO it makes even more sense to recognize that this camera is meant specifically for Outdoor Landscape Photography and giant prints.

If you have been caught up in the hype, then I’m sorry. The D600 will likely be a better option for you. If you cannot wait, a used D3s will outperform the D800 in most of the ways that will matter.

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