Help me choose which Colormunki to get

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Re: Help me choose which Colormunki to get

Saleen1999 wrote:

I want a good Profiler and I have been wanting the Colormunki for a long time and have saved some money to get it but I want the pros opinions on which of the three I should consider. I am leaning towards the second one because it profiles the monitor, the printer and it looked so easy to use for the printing profile just my rolling it on the printer sheet you have to print out. I just hope that Epson and Kodak are two printers they will calibrate.

What I don't know much about is the White one. How is different from the one I want and also is the new one a good one. It is one that looks like a radio.

Thanks for all your help and opinion.
Melissa aka mustang_fan

The one that calibrates both your monitor and printer is very good, as long as you are on a Windows Platform. They have not supported Mac since Leopard.


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