650D t4i vs Nikon D5100

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Re: 650D t4i vs Nikon D5100

I suggest you seriously consider how heavy the camera + lenses are. If you don't plan to buy a bunch of lenses, then get the Sony NEX or a Micro 4/3rds camera (they do nto have a lot of lenses availabel for them yet, but if you do nto plan buy exotic lenses, then these cameras have enough lenses for you for now anyhow). They both have better sensors than the T4i, and are much smaller. I can't believe how long Canon has not improved their sensors - look at the Comparometer - the image of the coin (I'm retty sure it's a coin anyhow - going by memory). Can't see the horizontal lines with Canon cameras at ISO 1600.

You can save a few hundred by getting the T3i, which has the same sensor as the T4i except the T3i does not have the new phase detection sensors built into the sensor.

The T3 (whichever is the latest w/o the "i") is a good begineers camera too. A relative has one and I was impressed with it compared to my old 450d/XSi.

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