Need help/advice - salvaging RAW photos from a damaged SDHC card

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Re: Need help/advice - salvaging RAW photos from a damaged SDHC card


I had a similar problem with a deleted file on a CF card.

This info may not help – but a couple of things to watch out for...

Scenario was – accidentally deleted the last photo I had taken, couldn’t re-shoot, took the card out of the camera and put it away figuring it should be easy enough to recover later. (E-5 - .orf raw file)

Tried many recovery softwares – found most of the free ones that come with memory cards are worth exactly what you pay for them.

Most would only recover jpg’s and usually just the embedded jpg in the raw file.

Check the software first to see if will recognize panny raw files, - found out not many will recognize Olympus raw files, none of the free ones.

Once I found one that would recover Oly raw files the recovered file was unreadable in viewer or any other software – it would appear that one of the recovery software programs had written something to the file to make it unreadable.

Easeus Data Recovery was the program that finally recovered the raw file. The recovered file was the right file size and from the time stamp (the only thing that was readable) I knew it was the right file.

Unfortunately one of the other programs had modifed the file somehow to make it useless - likely one of the free programs I tried first.

Be very careful you do not do anything that will write to the files or the card.

I would try and view the files through a card reader through windows and do a straight copy if you can.

Other than that hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can help you out further.


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