FZ200 - Enlargement limts?

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Re: FZ200 - Enlargement limts?

There are no limits to the upper range of enlargements you can get from any camera. The larger the image, the further away the ideal viewing position will be. Make a billboard, or a stadium poster 300 feet by 400 feet. Where are you standing when looking at it?

To start, view an 8x12 proof image from your home printer at hand-held range and see how you like it. If it's great hand-held at that range, blow it up til the cows come home. If not, there is no point in printing it at all. The enlargement size reflects how far away people will view it. Image re-scaling software will simply affect how artifacts are perceived at closer than optimal viewing distances for a given enlargement size.

I have several enlarged images over the years from anything from old film instamatics to today's superzooms. My 12mp fz35 has produced several fine enlargements on fuji pearl from 16x20 up to 24x36 with excellent results. IF the original image is sharp, focused and properly lit. If not, don't bother.

If it's a great shot and you want a poster, just do it. if you're concerned about artifacts at closer than optimal viewing differences, manage the re-scaling yourself with any of the popular image post-processing software programs available.

Blacklumix wrote:

Once in a blue moon I get a great shot that I want to blow up big-time, say 24x36, which I have done commercially since I don't have that level of equipment.

I "got into" digital photography in 2004 because Lumix touted its Leica branded lenses and the FZ10 had 2.8 across the board, but I found it impossible to get blow-ups beyond 11x14 without loss of sharpness. So I relied on other equipment for larger ones.

SO my question is this: even with 12 mp packed into the FZ200's sensor (which is about the same size as the FZ10's 4 mp sensor), 1/3 more optical "zoom" and a ton of features that make my FZ10 seems like a relic, my assumption is that the upper limits of the enlargement capability of this newest iteration of the FZ will still be maybe 16x20. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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