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Thanks to all ... Links and further info ...

Thanks to all for your comments.

Penni wrote:

"I have had an SX30 for a year now and am getting increasingly disappointed by the quality of my shots. In any low light (even slightly) or shadow conditions the pictures are terribly grainy and wide angle shots lack crispness and detail - almost seem out of focus. I wish I knew what you were doing right and I was doing wrong... "

Penni -

I shoot the SX30 more than any of our other cameras. In our specific application, (Full-reach birding and nature photography at base ISOs), it produces many of our best photographs. But imo it does not excel as an "all-rounder" superzoom. While I've seen users get excellent photos with it in a variety of applications, I believe there are many other cameras with better performance in a variety of common shooting situations.

We shoot all our Canon cameras with reduced in-camera jpeg settings, and post-process each selected shot individually. Most of our images are shot with low ISO, long focal lengths, and at modest range. Under these conditions the SX30 is pretty hard to beat for high-resolution detail and freedom from artifacts. But your Panny may indeed produce a higher hit-rate in all-round use.

Oswald61 -

Links to a lot of my earlier DPR threads containing discussions of our cameras & lenses, shooting methods, settings, and post-processing techniques are listed here:

I have also begun excerpting some of these posts, and some from other forums, to include them in various articles for our blog :

We hope that interested CTF members will visit us there also, and we'll try to respond to any questions and comments posted there as well.

Hope this is helpful,


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