Prague with the Panasonic GX1 + PanaLeica 25mm 1.4

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Re: Prague with the Panasonic GX1 + PanaLeica 25mm 1.4

Here are a few images from Prague taken on a recent trip using my GX1 + PanaLeica 25mm 1.4. I also took my 14mm along with some legacy glass but the latter was hardly used at all and the 14mm only found its way onto the camera for a few wider shots. I really enjoy the 25mm FoV, along with its optics of course.

Hi tom I was interested in your shots since I have that lens and have also been using it for some HDR (like you only when the dynamic range of the camera gets exceeded)...

I was hoping for some C&C. A few of the images (3, 4, 5, 6 & 7) have been HDR'd because I couldn't get the full tonal range out of the scene with the kit I had. I'm not really a fan of OTT HDRs, but I do enjoy using it on occasions like this where it lets me bring out the full image that I saw with my eyes.

I like the HDRs - I dont think you have overdone them, they are probably about right - until we get u43 cameras with massive dynamic range it has to be part of our toolkit - otherwise we will just wont cope with really contrasty scenes. I particularly like the river scene with the rays of sun shining through...

What HDR program did you use ? How many brackets to the HDR shots ?

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