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DPR gold vs silver awards

DFPanno wrote:


I don't really care but I can't mt head around a "best in class" camera getting the silver.

Gold to me.

As you know, DPR explains the difference between gold and silver awards here:


We've created two new awards (Gold and Silver) to replace the retiring 'Recommended' and 'Highly Recommended' gongs. There are only two things to know about the awards:
•They are not awarded to every camera, just those we feel deserve one

•There is no direct link between the overall score and the awards: they are not given automatically to cameras reaching a certain threshold. Crucially a camera can get an award even if a camera with a higher overall score didn't.

It seems to me that it's nearly always the "gold" vs "silver" award that sparks the most controversy! I think it's the fact that DPR has adopted the policy that "there is no direct link between the overall score and the awards" that is the main problem.

In most other environments (education and sports for example) if A earns 85% and B earns 82%, then A is automatically declared the winner. But, in the above example, DPR reserves the right to present a gold award to B and a silver award to A.

I think that, perhaps, DPR should consider dropping the gold and silver awards and stick entirely with the percentage awards. Or, if a gold award must be awarded, then why not alter the policy so that over a certain threshold, a gold is always awarded, say 80% or over.

If DPR's assessment policy was debated, for example, by several universities, I doubt whether many would agree that, in the above example, it is entirely fair to award a gold to B, even though in percentage terms, it was soundly beaten by A!


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