Refillable Cartridges for R3000

Started Aug 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
Andrew Curatola Senior Member • Posts: 1,622
Re: Refillable Cartridges for R3000

hiro, fft81 gave you good advise. Jon Cone of Inkjet Mall has some very good tutorials regarding refillable cartridges and taking care of your printer which I suggest you look into. Refilling ink carts is no big deal, you do it once and you become a pro. I've use Jon Cone inks, Inkjet Fly and right now I'm using Inkjet Carts ink and they are all very good.

To keep my R3000 up to snuff, I make a point of using the printer every day even if it's only to print out any 5 x 7 and so far I've been lucky with the 3 different inks that I have used and my 3000.

Enjoy your refills

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