D800E and NEX-7 Anyone have both?

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Re: D800E and NEX-7 Anyone have both?

I have both, and use the D800E most of the time, even where I would normally used the D3s. The answer to your question about image quality is yes, the D800E is noticeably better, and that is likely due predominately to the lack of AA filter. It also has a greater toner range, which allows you to pull detail out of fairly deep shadows while keeping detail in highlights. I mostly use Leica M lenses with the NEX-7, but sometimes I’ll take the 18-200, but it is very slow, and soft compared to the Leica lenses. I rented a 70-400 to try with my FS700, and also a Metabones 2 so I could use my Canon lenses (I switched to Nikon when the D3 became available) with the FS700. I used both the Canon 300 f2.8 and the Sony 70-400 today, but I have not looked at any of the clips yet. There are some limits when using the (I think this is the correct item number) LAE2 Alpha lens adapter on the FS700 - for example it will only focus wide open - I think Sony is supposed to announce some longer (hopefully) faster E mount zoom lenses - hopefully sooner rather than later. The NEX-7 is great when you just want to take a small, lightweight camera with you.

Here are some NEX-&7 photos with Leica lenses, http://s1140.photobucket.com/albums/n561/billh96007/Sony%20NEX-7/

And here are some from the D800E, http://s1140.photobucket.com/albums/n561/billh96007/Kayaks/ including some at 100%, http://s1140.photobucket.com/albums/n561/billh96007/Nikon%20comparison/

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