I am sorry I hate the Nikon P7700

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Re: For me...

crsantin wrote:

Your portraits are terrific andrbar. Mine look nothing like that. I must be doing something wrong because clearly the camera is capable of delivering a great portrait. I'm going to spend more time taking portraits with it to see if I can get it sorted. If I could take people shots with that type of image quailty then I wouldn't use my DSLR much at all.

To jimr: the new Fuji ex-p whatever it is called. I guess it's supposed to be the baby brother to the xp-1, priced at under $1000. It looks beautiful and about the size of the x100. The sensor on the xp-1 is pretty terrific, too bad the autofocus on that camera is rather poor.

You can't base the image quality on these examples. They were "post processed".

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