Cheesycam filter holder set

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Re: Big question is if you can use the magnetic rings on their own

As far as I know, Samsung doesn't have anything to do with this filter attachment method. Does your information suggest otherwise?

For grins, take a look at these comparative pictures...

I'm not calling out that fruity company as a copycat here, just realize they didn't invent the heavens and earth as we know it, and in fact they were more than a little inspired by others. Last I knew, Euclid of Alexandria (323–283 BC) owns most of the prior art on pretty much all known geometric shapes including rectangles with and without rounded corners. Progress is made when one group builds on the work of others. It's been happening like this for centuries. Usually, companies work out cross licensing agreements rather than pursue court actions, and at the end, this will undoubtedly work out in a similar way. You might ask, what is in it for Apple? Well, somehow they've become the most valuable company of all time on Earth. That isn't chopped liver. When companies get too greedy, that's usually a signal of the beginning of the end.

Note - I was a huge Apple fan in yesteryear, and even today have 2 Macs in the house (and several PCs) and have an aging iDevice although I prefer more open platforms for mobile.

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