The HS30EXR and "Live View"

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Re: The HS30EXR and "Live View"

sgitlin wrote:

Thanks Kenn and Michael. I guess it's easy enough to get a 'starting' A and S value using P mode and then adjusting from there when in M mode, but it is disappointing that you can't see what the image will look like before actually taking the picture.

Thanks again,


You are welcome. I just checked how it works on my old Lumix. The screen shows WYSIWYG after the shutter was half-pressed, and holds it. But with exposures changed to extremes the screen becomes either black or white, and framing the picture becomes difficult, if not impossible. Fuji is actually better on this, because with absence of optical viewfinder it still allows proper image framing (and manual focus use) with camera on tripod and 30X zoom - which would be unattainable with " true" live view - and is very handy with say, starry sky shots.
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