Color Mgmt help Please

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Color Mgmt help Please

I have calibrated my monitor using an Xrite i1 display II. It looks a little different than my eyeball it method and looks good.

I have downloaded my ICC profiles from (which is where I get my images printed)

I am confused with the color settings color workspace in CS6 vs ICC profiles.

What is it that I need to do to get accurate colors in my prints?

What prompted this was that I previously did all my work in PSE7. I would work on my images save them and send them to Whcc and they came back great.

I recently purchased CS6 and the last batch of prints I sent in were dull, dark and muddy looking when I got them back.

I know I am missing something here.

I also purchased Lightroom not long ago and use lightroom when I need to work on many images at once (such as Team and Individual where I may have 300 images to process). Smaller shoots such as Seniors or Family pictures I just process in CS6.

I don't want another batch of muddy looking prints so I want to get it all set up correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.


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