RE: need clarification about G12 vs. G1X dynamic range

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RE: need clarification about G12 vs. G1X dynamic range

Hoboken Michelle wrote:

Could someone please verify or correct my understanding of this issue.

According to testing, the G1X has LESS (10.8) dynamic range than the G12 (11.2).

Thus, despite its high-end stature, the G1X has a more restricted range concerning shadows and highlights when on standard setting against G12. Given the importance of dynamic range in pics, it seems to me that Canon neglected to make dynamic range a priority in this camera compared with G12, despite the fact that color depth and ISO are - obviously - superior???

Here are the DPReview results -

As one can see G1X shares the same sensor as Canon 7D just cropped differently,
so you can expect G1X having exact the same DR as new Rebel T4i.

If you want to have more DR for difficult shooting conditions

you can use DRO/HTP mode where you will gain extra DR while going 1 ISO stop higher.

With low noise levels of G1X, it is a great solution for the whole ISO range 100-1600.

And t osee what is possible, you can compare G1X to the Sony APS-C competitors
or Canon S100 compact at max DRO settings

All cameras perform about the same.

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