Some have criticised the jpeg quality and IBIS of the EM5.......

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IBIS and all that stuff

Morpho Hunter wrote:

.... with regards to ooc jpegs e.g. see DPReview's review (and others) of this camera ... and also the IBIS, where several users have resorted to setting the antishock feature of the camera to 1/8th sec, presumably to allow time for the mechanism to kick in. The latter is not an ideal solution, since the delay between shutter release and exposure, although smal,l is noticable and disconcerting. Rather than set the antishock, I personally, simply hold down the shutter button halfway for a few moments and watch IBIS kick in, before taking a shot - but there again, I'm not an action/sports photographer!

The problem causing IBIS to misbehave is the initial shock of the shutter closing before it runs again for the exposure. Some say the 1/8 sec anti-shock delay will allow that initial shutter close shock to die away before the exposure, thus letting the IBIS manage the situation better.

But there was another thread (Anders W at ) where he found that the real delay needed to make a difference was at least 1 second, rather impractical for hand-held but OK for tripod.

If you hold your ear hard against the camera when taking a shot you can hear all the mechanical noise and twanging that goes on inside and in the light bodies of the Pens and E-M5 that translates to vibration - possibly at a frequency or duration that the IBIS doesn't seem to be able to handle. After all the IBIS is theoretically tuned to cope with human movement and tremors, more down in the 5Hz range I believe.

Maybe (making a fact out of no evidence) the IBIS was designed in the days when sensor makers were promising a global shutter, but they never delivered in time so the IBIS had to struggle on regardless. Meanwhile the rolling shutter of the Panny G5 sensor points the way to a temporary solution for moderately still subjects - just no stabilisation though with many lenses.

Until the global shutter appears we will always have threads about stabilisation issues.

Regards....... Guy

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