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Re: Big question is if you can use the magnetic rings on their own

Just ordered one of the carryspeed magnetic units as well. From a concept standpoint, I like it better than the alternatives. Not adding a 3 to 5 mm mount in front as seen in the 2 alternatives is an advantage to me. Less likely to snag or be stressed by a slightly snug case. Also, given that Sony didn't design the front lens assembly for filters along with the added mechanical stresses (especially if the filter is bumped on something), I wouldn't plan on leaving a filter in place anyways.

There is nothing to stop carryspeed from extending their design to incorporate additional filters (e.g. ND) or even a standard threaded filter adapter. Will have to wait and see the quality of the filter. It's really hard to make judgments about how well the magnetic system might work. If well implemented, it should be great.

Lets just hope Apple doesn't start suing them for using magnets as I believe Apple was granted a patent for reinventing magnetism and all applications of magnetic attachment (even though Zojirushi and other rice cookers have used magnetic power cords for decades)

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