I am sorry I hate the Nikon P7700

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You know, I was beginning to wonder if it was my imagination. I have the identical experience with the camera. I took it on a trip to Montreal and I got some wonderful photos with it, really top quality that rivaled my DSLR results...but portraits or photos with people in them are very disappointing. Faces just don't look right with this camera. Otherwise, seriously, it would probably be the only digital camera I would shoot with (I still shoot a lot of film). It really delivers with landscapes and city shots etc, so it's an easy choice for that.

I have no interest in the P770. I am very interested in one of the Fuji's also, perhaps even the new one.

michelobultra wrote:

picture quality is #1. I couldn't care less if the camera used a drinking straw to take pictures as long as the IQ is there.

Unfortunately, like many cameras. The P7100 cannot take people pictures. Yes, landscapes, street photography, buildings, etc. are all georgous! And for that, this camera is amazing. But when it came to using this camera for portraits, regardless of which mode you chose, faces are very soft. No detail, no sharpness. It just cannot take people pictures.

No doubt, all the examples people post show beautiful outdoor pics, mainly scenery. But rarely any people or portraits pics. I'd like to see them, and not post processed or sharpness bumped up to the max but just out of the camera.

I returned my 7100 because, while I loved the overall IQ, people pictures sucked. I am hoping that with the new CMOS sensor, and faster lens, that the P7700 people pics will be much improved.

If not, it's a Fuji X100 for me. My wife has a Fuji X10 and her people pics are always crystal clear and tack sharp. So, we'll have to see how the 7700 will do.

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