Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Nikon D200

Very fun thread here

My all time favorite is still my Nikon D200, even though I have a GH2, D300s, D700, and a digital medium format Phase One.

I bought my D200 in a "dreamer" moment in my life.

It was the first pro camera I've ever had, and I actually bought it to start my pro career.

Before that, I had only used vey limited DR cameras, like 1/3 inch CCD video cameras and the Alpha 100 (sorry, as this is a Sony forum...)

Cameras that burnt highlights real quickly.

The D200 felt like trully unmatched at that magic moment in time, 6 years ago.

After that, cameras were becoming more and more like just a "tool".

But I was emotionally attached to my D200. Still have it, even though it's the least used camera in my bag now.

Really fun thread! Good ol' memories...
Marcio Napoli

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