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Re: D7000 or 4/3rds

I have a m4/3 kit with just the 12-42/40-150mm lens - that is my travel kit. It takes some wonderful images. I use a VF2 as it makes a substantial difference in using the camera.

But I Image wildlife and currently no lens in the m4/3 system equals my 300 Nikkor with or with telephotos. Both my D200 and D7000, and soon I hope a D600 with focus better than any m4/3 on moving objects.

I replaced a PS with my olympus kit and am very happy. When I'm "out in the field" like last week, I image mostly around my Jeep, and performance not weight is my key issue. I will always have Nikon DSLR's and good Nikon glass (not that the PRO oly glass is bad, just limited in selection) for landscapes and wildlife/birds.

Right now the D7000 is IMHO a fine camera that with the right SD cards shoots as fast as I need (I shoot landscape in 14 bit and use 12 bit compressed for BIF's which gets me 3 or 4 seconds with focus at 6 FPS). I hope the D600 is going to be as good as the D7000 for they would make the "perfect pair" much like the D300 and D700 did.

Don't underestimate the Nikon flash system - it is fantastic not only for people but for macro's and night time landscapes.

m4/3 is great and I will probably always have it as a light travel kit (or super long manual focus telephoto with my 300 and tc1.7) but it will be a while longer before I want a small kit for my type of imaging. Just like the weight of even my D200 and 80-200 gets a little heavy at the end of the day, the size of the m4/3 seems to become more of problem the longer the day - buttons and body are just a bit too small.

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