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Re: What has happened to Carl Rytterfalk?

I'm so surprised at how willing people are to make assumptions about the motivations for the actions of another. I can guess at 1001 things that Mr. Rytterfalk has chosen to focus on besides the internet, but they are at best just wild guesses. I'm satisfied by his response that Carl and Linn are well, and really that is all that matters, no?

As for why a person would want to disconnect from social media, it seems a sane path and only stands out because, in the end, the rest of us are probably lunatics running amok on the asylum.

Why a photographer would want to forego an internet presence, I can think of plenty of reasons. But remember that photography is just one dimension of the talents of Mr. Rytterfalk.

As to Carl or any other fan of a particular camera, technology, or whatever, being "proud", I'm not even sure what that is supposed to mean. Being a proponent of something you find value in is not pride, it is enthusiasm. And, at least in theory, those of us here are photography enthusiasts, no?

Ed, by the way I enjoyed your well crafted little response. Always a pleasure to hear from you my friend.

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