Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Or, may be...

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

It isn't trolling for an OP. It is simply cluelessness about fundamentals and how they can affect comparisons. But, bringing them up gets a particular kind of collective mad. Nevermind the agenda, which is also the premise of the OP. Even the person admits, he was kicked out of V1/J1 forum for this topic.

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

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normsmith wrote:

There are days when I really don't feel like participating on this forum anymore, it is a much less friendly place than when I first stated posting here early in 2004 and then I see some cracking posts from really positive, supportive and capable people and it just shows DPR off it's best. The below link being just one recent example.

I know what you mean. Please stick with it, otherwise the trolls will win! I'm not convinced that we are yet at the tipping point where all the good guys are going to leave. Call me a glass-half-full person...


There's always some non-contributing troll, unfortunately, the only thing you can do is not take them seriously.

Even if I disagree with the comparison, attempts at honest actual comparisons are far more valuable and appreciated than another overhyped 2 cents opinion.

Trolling and honesty don't go together.

Michael, thank you very much for your exhaustive comparison of those two so different cameras, which however share the same sensor size. I have been from the very beginning of Sony’s introduction of the RX100 curious, how such a 20 Mp sensor can be better than the older, 10 Mp sensor. As I expected, there is almost no advantage of packing so many pixels to such small sensors. And it should be taken into account that the Nikon sensor is already 2 years old. Who actually manufactures that sensor? I doubt that it is Sony. Actually, only after reading your comparison, I went to the first photo shop and for the first time I tried the Nikon V1. And I was actually pleased.

Btw, just ignore those hostile replies, they are completely futile, they just pollute this website and contribute to the slowing down its browsing.

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