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Re: Used 7.2 DNG converter, but I'm returning the FZ200

morepix wrote:

GregGory wrote:

Why don't you post some of your samples, so we can have a look, not just hear you assessment? With rw2 preferably.

I don't, and can't, because I deleted everything. What's more, I wouldn't want to do it even if I hadn't deleted it because I'd anticipate a ton of flak about how I did this wrong and that wrong. That's a natural reaction of people who want to believe the camera is right and anyone who gets inferior results from it is wrong.

That would depend on the way the issue was presented.

- Look at this $600 POS, soft and Adobe doesn't even allow the raw files to be opened in an unsupported version of their product!"

Yup, flak would be expected. OTOH, something like:

- I've spent lots of hard earned cash on this camera, and I don't seem to get the same results as the other guys are presenting. Here are my best shots, any tips?"

Unlikely to get flak, more likely almost too many helpful comments.

my 2 cents

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