Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

A very short list of great cameras were my Minolta film Maxxum 9000 (20plus/yrs) and briefly the Minolta 7 until I soon went to digital.

Although current DSLR cameras have improveded considerably, my favorite was the KM/7D.

Why? I was very new to anything digital and the 7D was my first DSLR. It was so simple to use and learn that I opened the new box on the front seat of our car while on a road trip to the East Coast. My photography (IMHO) improved 1000% with this camera. I could see the results of my mistakes immediately and reshoot if necessary. I could make adjustments to the settings and see those results on the spot. I could make adjusts in PP as I slowly learned PhotoShop. I learned more about taking good images with that camera than in my previous 30 years of film use. This camera turned me onto digital photography and I knew immediately that there was no turning back.

1st.DSLR images:

The worst camera I ever owned was the KM-A1. I sold that POS a month later and lost my $hirt on it. I hated it!


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