weddings are tough!

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It's been over 20 years since I changed careers, but I spent nearly 25 years as a full time pro, mostly commercial and industrial. I did shoot a ton of weddings as well.

I have some observations. First, the color balance looks very blue. This makes the skin tones pink. If you're shooting available light, you need to start with white balance reference point. I use a WhiBal card and shoot RAW. In post, I start with the reference frame, then adjust to taste. That's usually a little warmer than the card. I then apply the WB adjustment to all images shot under the same light. From there, I tweak as needed. What software do you use for post? Did you shoot RAW or JPEG?

Next, I found your composition for many of the images odd. There's lots of dead space in them, such as the photos with the couple on the left and large expanses of wall in the middle. There's also not much variety - all are kind of mid shots, with few wide shots or extreme closeups.

There are too many "dead" expressions by the couple. I guess they are listening to someone off camera, but there's little or no emotion in a lot if the images.

I would never think of shooting weddings with one body (I'm guessing that's all you had) for a number of reasons. The first is simple insurance against failure. I took from four to six medium format film bodies to every wedding. Secondly, you need to be able to switch from one lens to another quickly, especially when shooting primes. You needed three bodies, one for each lens.

As you've found, there's far more to wedding photography than just photography. It is tough and I think better left to those with more training, experience and equipment.

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