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Re: Deception?

teamrican1 wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Is it possible that Sony chose that particular little sensor size so people would be confused?


I doubt it. I mean, what does a "1 inch" sensor mean to somebody that doesn't know anything about sensors in the first place? The average consumer doesn't know the measurements of any sensors, so they'd have no way of knowing if 1 inch was relatively good or not.

Good point, perhaps I'm attributing a bit more Machiavellian motives to Sony than they deserve.

The reason Sony chose it probably has more to do with "1 inch" being a simple sounding, base measurement. "1 inch" just reads better than 13.2 X 8.8mm in promotional materials. The numbers themselves are meaningless to most consumers. Bigger always sounds better (hence the megapixel race) but since sensors are marked in fractions or dimensions, they might as well be written in Greek.

And that is really my point - the first point I made - that professional reviewers should point out such an obvious conflict between the arcane "dimensions" of sensors, and normal-world designations like 1" , which most people recognize as "One Inch".

I have even seen that size sensor referred to as a "One inch sensor" in so many words on this website, instead of the " which can be confusing, indicating that the size is misunderstood.

Seems to me that a lot of "average consumer doesn't know the measurements of any sensors" will have heard that larger sensors are supposed to be better and say: "Gee whiz - a huge one inch sensor!"

The professional reviewers should do better, IMHO.


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