CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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I think this is the answer you would expect from any company about their product. We can all speculate about why Nikon choose not to include it, but we must understand that we purchased the camera 'as is' with no expectation from Nikon to include free and new features through firmware updates. They are a corporation and need to make money and not matter how we feel, if we were in their position we would adhere to the same standards. I'd love to see new things included in firmware, but we have to be reasonable in our logic, that fixes from known problems though not required by Nikon are good for image to provide customer service and support, but new features are not. I think the 5000 included this update because the 5000 and 5700 are considered to be the same class of camera with the main differences being optics (one for the wide angle ethusiast and one for the telephoto). I don't think we will see this in the 4500 even though the 4500 delivers the same level of detail, color and tonality (albeit 1 megapixel of resoltution) as the 5000 series because it is marketed as a different class of camera.

Larry Berman wrote:
The word from Mike Rubin, the CoolPix product manager:

Anyone doing this will be voiding the warranty of the camera. Also,
it may be considered reverse engineering and may result in
violations of the software agreements.

Larry Berman

AlexMld wrote:

It has been found out that Nikon has a diagnostic mode called DIAG
RAW in CP2500, CP4300, CP4500 (tested) and possibly E775, E885,
E990, E995, E5000 that allows for RAW file output. This mode can
be turned on....

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