We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

Andy Westlake wrote:

s majesk wrote:

If the RX100 was a Canon on it would have got the Gold.

You mean like the G1 X, S100 and EOS 650D?

The G1X should not have even gotten a Silver, and the Sony RX100 should have gotten Gold. The Silver for the G1X was a gift from DPR to Canon as the G1X is a seriously flawed camera. Just read the unfavorable reviews from G1X owners (many of which are Canon devotees), on Amazon and it shows how biased DPR was in favor of Canon for their review of this camera.


After handling the relatively huge Canon G1X I had to laugh at this statement from the DPReview:

"Good for: Anyone who wants DSLR-like image quality and a versatile zoom range in a pocketable format." - DPReview

The Sony RX-100 is pockectable, but the G1X is not. You guys a DPR must have DEEP pockets to make that statement!

Not many Canons are getting Gold these days.

Because maybe they don' deserve them?

Not many cameras of any brand are,

Maybe because if Canon can't get a Gold than nobody gets a Gold?

in fact, and as it happens Sony has got more than most with its SLTs and NEXs. So your accusations of brand bias really don't stand up to any serious scrutiny.
Andy Westlake

I read the various DPR forums a lot, and there is a pervasive sentiment across the forums that DPR is heavily biased in favor of Canon products and that bias is reflected in the DPR reviews. Your favorable review and Silver award to the deeply flawed Canon G1X, while giving the Sony RX100 the same rating proves DPR bias beyond a doubt. Your protests notwithstanding Andy.

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