Canon TS-E 17mm or TS-E 24mm

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Re: Canon TS-E 17mm or TS-E 24mm

For architectural perspective correction, the 17TS-E is fantastic, and can be used quickly and (with care) hand-held.

I think that if you are coming from a UWA zoom like the 16-35mm II the 17mm TS-E IQ will seem like a revelation - even the slight softening at the image edge when shifted seem better that than the equivalent image areas from my 16-35mm on architectural images.

But you can get pretty similar results in many cases by stitching a panorama, applying software perspective correction and then downsampling. It is more work, but it can give very good results and you don't have to worry about filter difficulties or the lack of weather-sealing. I have Swiss panoramas taken with the 100mm macro lens, for example.

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