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Re: Same angle again...

JMacedo wrote:

Thank you for your opinion and critique... everyone is entitled to have one...

but don't you think sometimes there is a bit more to it than just assessing the skill of lack of it, like the image quality a combo can produce? Or sharing experiences with the Nikon FX gear we use?

Agreed, always interesting to see what some combos can produce, especially when we're talking some of the best cameras and lenses in a system. It's just that - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - you have already shown this particular combo at least three times, all with very similar images taken during the same trip, and it becomes less interesting every time. (Not that there is a limit as to how many times one can show something - it's just that repetition breeds boredom.) To me at least.

Positive or negative feedback is always welcome if constructive. I might not be a skilled photographer as you seem to be but I find your trashing approach or tone a bit rude, not totally "Fair" as you say.

I apologise if you find my quickly-worded message rude. Also, I do not consider myself more than an average photographer, but I hope this does not deprive me of the right to an opinion on others' work. Perhaps part of the problem causing the reaction is that the travel portrait has become such a cliche in photography, and seeing even more of the same is disappointing.

As already mentioned, you did nail it with at least one other image (IMO), just not these. Did you mention before that you took some thousands / many GB's of images during this trip? My suggestion would be to select more ruthlessly, or at least show fewer but more varied and only your best images. Do you really think the photo of the guy with his mouth open is worth sharing as a good example?

And tell you what - as a Canon shooter, I am not a frequent visitor in the Nikon branch of this site, but once an images thread makes it to the front page in the forum titled D4-D1/D800 I always open it with some trepidation, expecting to see some of the most stunning work to be found anywhere on this site. I even had some threads bookmarked, simply due to the sheer technical - and artistic - quality of the work shown. Please do not spoil this impression of only the very best being shown here.

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