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Ray Sachs wrote:

Based on your logic, the very first m43 cameras should have gotten gold awards - there was nothing else that did what they did at all, let alone did it as well. But none of them did. The G1 and EP1 were groundbreaking cameras that a certain sub-group was looking for and gobbled up enthusiastically, but the camera's were FAR from fully realized cameras - they just invented a new subgroup of their own. I may be wrong, but I don't think any m43 camera got a silver award until the GH2 and EP3 and both of those are great cameras, but still with their own limitations. The OMD was the first m43 camera to get a gold and that was about 3-4 years along. The RX100 is the first camera that does what it does and is groundbreaking in that respect, but its far from a fully realized camera. It has some incredible strengths- - I'm not trying to downplay them - I freaking BOUGHT one! But its not a fully realized camera either. Problem with that logic is that the RX100 is indeed a "fully realized camera" and none of the "objective objections" in the review amount to much beyond stylistic preferences.

It DOES have weaknesses. Most gold award winners have only trivial weaknesses - they're great on just about every level and in every way - there are minor issues to quibble over but the big stuff is pretty obviously all there.

You mean like the Nokia 808 cameraphone that just came out and got a gold award?

If I accept your criteria, I'd say it should get a gold award too. But I don't and evidently neither does the DPR staff. So we're just gonna have to agree to disagree.

Yes we will.

But by making exaggerated claims such as calling it a "NOT A FULLY REALIZED CAMER", its clear that you're trying to rationalize and distort the actual decision making process.

Its clear it was a vague, "I just don't love it" kind of thing as opposed to actually trying to claim it is not a fully realized tradeoff:

Look at the freaking comprehensive list of CONS they listed. And this is the complete list. Compare it to the list of CONS on any of the gold winners. Are you really arguing that the quibbles they bring up here make it "not a fully realized camera"?

Clickless control dial contributes to vague and unengaging shooting experience

Because you can't learn the camera and use the other discrete dial to manage discrete settings and use the analog control dial to handle analog functions like focus?

Flash metering is unpredictable

flaw. Not huge given that they're handing out golds to cameras WITHOUT a flash.

Lack of ND filter can limit the ability to use wide apertures

Not typically found on tiny cameras like this.

Screen hard to see in direct sunshine, despite WhiteMagic technology

What year do you predict that the rear display on a compact cameras will NOT be hard to see in direct sunshine? ARe we comparing to cameras from 2015 now?

No official option to fit filters onto the lens (third-party glue-on adapters are > available)

How many compact cameras this size do?

In-camera raw conversion would add flexibility

Say what?

Playback confusingly separated into stills, MP4 and AVCHD sections


Lag when trying to zoom in playback mode is irksome


USB-only charging makes it awkward to use a spare battery

Look at the PROS.

Excellent image quality and solid ISO performance

Actually CLASS LEADING image quality and ISO performance by a WIDE MARGIN, beating all compact cameras except the much larger G1X, and crushing all the cameras in the LX7 size range. Class leading ISO performance despite while producing 20 MP images.

Class-leading movie features and quality


A good degree of customization puts your favorite settings at your fingertips
Fast operation, including focus and Raw capture

CLASS LEADING focus and raw capture. And no, the bigger cameras aren't in the same class.

Flexible lens range (though a brighter zoom would have been nice)

And given the lens range and brightness are easily the best for this proportionally sized camera, how would they manage that on a 1" sensor?

Excellent range of additional features (sweep panorama and auto HDR in particular)

Good battery life for this class of camera Despite the fact that it's easily the hugest sensor of any camera this carrying size.
USB-charging (with fast charger) makes it easy to travel light

And don't forget that at the shortest focal length, you can produce bokeh that you simply cant even think about getting on any camera this size, or ANY compact cameras for that matter. That includes the not so compact Canon G1X, which, while having a bigger sensor, is hampered by both the f2.8 at the short end, and more importantly the LONG minimum focus distance. The RX100 can put the subject far closer and completely blur out the background, (focuses far faster as well).

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