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PaulM2 wrote:

Thanks for all the replies.

Today, I left the car for its annual inspection, so I thought it would be a great time to take the pictures of the small town I live in while the guys doing the inspection did their thing.

Only problem is that the camera would not save a picture to the memory card. Worked for 4-5 pictures last night.

Took the card out and found the camera would save a image to the internal memory. Hmm, guess I forgot to reformat the card after moving it from the dead z-990.

After a reformat, I went back to the center of town and took a bunch of pictures which will need a bit of culling out, but the camera worked with out a problem.

But now thinking about todays problem, I remember when I first received the other, now dead z-990, that I had updated the firnware to the latest version (1.12). Anybody here on this forum, done the update? I did not notice much of a change with the old camera after doing the update.

I now wonder if todays problem with the memory card had anything to do with the fact that the card came from a camera with a newer version of firmware.

I have the means to do the update, but after killing one camera, do I take the chance?

Take care,

Could very well be the new FW formats the card slightly different than the old one.

Therefore always format in the camera that you use the card with.

Before flashing the FW I always check the card with Storage Tools on my iPAQ PDA to be safe afa the cards File System is concerned .

With all these precautions taken it usually go's well.

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