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Re: Focus shift?

Hi Julian,

Thank you very much for the kind comments.

I did notice the focus shift in real photos just after buying the lens and I made a post about it while ago, please see it here:


First time I noticed that, honestly I didn't know much about "focus shift" and I was afraid of having back the left AF issue, than I learnt that all primes suffer from that problem and I felt better but I tried to fine tune the lens to compensate a bit for the focus shift.

I can't be precise now, but I think my lens needed no adjustment @ F1.4 and about -18 at about F.4, so I tried a fine tuning adjustment somewhere in between and then I went to the streets and all the shoots looked bad at F1.4 which is my most used aperture.

Since then I am using the lens mostly at F1.4 to F2 with no adjustment, if in of a wider DOF I will use the lens from F.5.6 to F8 where the issue is gone. Also I have my 70-200 that covers the same FL.

The 85mm is not my most versatile lens but is my favourite. It is a lens which I can get some image quality that my other lenses can't touch.

Julian Vrieslander wrote:

Very nice shots. Good subject isolation, lots of detail, beautiful color. You're doing great work - don't be so hard on yourself. I especially like the first one.

I have no experience with the 85mm f/1.4G, but I've read a couple of reports (including Lloyd Chambers) where focus shift was observed for this lens. If you are seeing this, how does it affect your shooting? Are you compensating?

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