We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

DjarumBlack wrote:

Image quality isn't the end-all be-all when comparing classes of cameras. Just because a car has the best 0-60 doesn't necessarily mean its the best car. There are other factors when comparing cameras. Its about what each individual prioritizes in importance when dealing with cameras. The S100 has much better image quality than XZ-1, especially beyond ISO 400. However, the handling of the XZ-1 is much better, and I don't have to worry about lens error issues.

I have yet to play with an RX100. Maybe when Sony actually gets them into the B&M stores I will take a look. Ergonomics are an important part of the user experience with a camera.

I like your car analogy. Bear in mind though, the evaluation differs with different target audience. For example, a car review for enthusiasts would place a lot more emphasis on handling vs. another review that's not. A Car & Driver 10 best may be quite different from a Consumer Digest 10 best (which may place more emphasis on reliability and economy).

In that context, given dpreview is geared towards enthusiasts, a lower ranking due to "pleasure to use" factors is fair.

For many regular folks who simply wants a truly pocketable good camera, and who rarely use anything beyond automatic modes, the RX100 certainly should get the Gold Award.

And for enthusiasts, there are differences too. Someone with small hands may not have the same handling issue with people with larger hands. And not everyone cares about "zone focus", AEL, MF, or need to change many settings. Also depends on how adaptable one is...

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