We wuz robbed !!!!!

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Re: We wuz robbed !!!!!

Rehabdoc wrote:

Dude, we're not the one who is redefining category lines compared to previous cameras. You are.

Trying to put an RX100 size camera into the X10 class or LX7 class simply because it blows them away in image quality is simply unfair.

Think about it this way, if the RX100 had only slightly better image quality than the S100, you wouldn't be demanding it be compared to an X10. We'd be comparing it somewhat unfavorably to an S100.

But because the RX100 is simply TOO GOOD, you refuse to judge the camera on its own merits. Instead of judgin the camera on its own merits, you judge it compared to some imaginary bigger dream camera thats "right Sized" for you, because the REAL cameras that are "right sized" for you don't even have the image quality of the much smaller RX100. It's just shoddy logic.

Its like if the RX100 had produced better images than a FF camera, giving it a silver rating because you'd rather they had put that small super sensor into an oMD form factor and given it a 22-200 mm faster zoom.

You judge a camera compared to real cameras. Not fantasy cameras you think you could have designed better.

An RX100 should be judged compared to small cameras. It has better image quality of much bigger cameras, so suddenly you forget it's a small camera and refuse to crown it champion of small cameras. The reasoning is just... So... Poor.

Your psychology is completely understandable, but it's overridden your logic.

Image quality isn't the end-all be-all when comparing classes of cameras. Just because a car has the best 0-60 doesn't necessarily mean its the best car. There are other factors when comparing cameras. Its about what each individual prioritizes in importance when dealing with cameras. The S100 has much better image quality than XZ-1, especially beyond ISO 400. However, the handling of the XZ-1 is much better, and I don't have to worry about lens error issues.

I have yet to play with an RX100. Maybe when Sony actually gets them into the B&M stores I will take a look. Ergonomics are an important part of the user experience with a camera.

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