Question for Pentax experts regarding lenses

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Re: Question for Pentax experts regarding lenses; follow up post

There is an old adage.. Buy in haste, repent at leisure. Works very well for lens purchases Even if it means waiting an extra couple of months to pick up the DA55-300 I would suggest waiting, even over the cheaper Sigmas or Tamrons or even the DA50-200WR. As a consumer grade optic, it like the 16-45 you already have is a class up from the kit lens optics and the sub pro grade Tamrons or Sigmas.

Then a prime is definitely in order Go cheapish for the DA35 f/2.4 or DA50 f/1.8 for AF or scour ebay, pentaxforums, pentaxuser uk for some manual primes like K24 f/2.8, K28 f/3.5, K35 f/3.5, K50 f/1.2 for amazing build quality and sublime tactile delights. The 24 is nice and small, great as a street shooter, the 28 and 35 are small but amazingly sharp with great contrast, generally overlooked because they are slow. Underestimated. The 50 f/1.2? only upgrade is the A50 f/1.2 but an extra $250, kicks any of the other 50s to touch if you get the hang of MF, Katzeye useful in this instance.

The Ks imo are the best built of the lot if the Star lines are excluded, i.e. an M 50 f/1.4 feels noticebly cheaper than the K and the A's feel a bit lighter and cheaper than the Ms. Pick up an A*85 f/1.4 for example and you are back at K build quality.

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