Canon EOS-1D X Review by Fred Miranda

Started Aug 31, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Bottom line for me as well

You didn't miss it when Canon told the 1Dx replaces/merges both, the 1D and 1Ds?

In the light of that official statement I believe it is not out of the context, this is what Canon promised it to be.

Well, other story is that looking by specs sheet Canon didn't make any effort at all for the 1Dx to look like even remotely a value update to the 1Ds.

meland wrote:

Whilst one can not argue with whatever specification he personally would like, isn't his comment somewhat out of place in the context of a review of the 1DX? I mean isn't it a bit like reviewing something like a Ferrari 458 and then saying one wishes it was quieter and more comfortable around town - at the expense of acceleration and top speed? Reduce the latter and even if you improve it somewhere else it then runs the risk of becoming something else entirely.
Horses for courses?

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