At last - Complete article on new way to use AF on the E-M5

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Re: Strange conclusions...and swiss value for the 12-50

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

i don't have any problem with the EM-5 AF : all pictures are well in focus.

On the countrary, my copy of the 12-50 has AF issues on the EM-5, the GH2 and the EP-1.

That matches my experience. I have no AF issues with the E-M5 at all, other than when using the 12-50 on it.

Well, thanks to confirm this John.

When I read the solution that Paul De Bra provided in your original thread (activate the 1/8s anti-shock), I tried it. I didn't take it as a fact and I was sceptikal at first. But I took many shots in various light, ISO, FL,... and examined the pictures : good surprise, the problem was solved.

And that is exactly my experience too. I was astonished how much difference it made to the 12-50 AF quite apart from the separate, more general effect of the shutter shock. Use of the anti-shock setting can improve the sharpness of any lens - particularly at shutter speeds around 1/100 - but there is something else happening with the 12-50 that results in dramatically better results when anti-shock is used with this specific lens, completely transforming its output.

And to confirm this too! The 12-50 is much more satisfactory to use with anti-shock.

Paul De Bra solution is a specific solution to temporary solve the 12-50 misfocuss issue.

I'm not holding my breath on a firmware-only solution to this one. Fortunately I don't really find the anti-shock a problem anyway, but it's easy enough to turn on or off form the SCP if another lens is in use and/or fast timing is needed.

You're porbably right about the FW update. But as Olympus does from time to time issue a FW that improve AF reliability on other cameras, there's a small hope. If not, as you, I don't find that using the anti-shock solution is bothering at all, as one hardly notice the 1/8s delay. At least we have a solution

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