Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: These tests only tell half the story

Jared Huntr wrote:

One aspect of photography that I've never been able to pull off successfully with a point-and-shoot is to be able to shoot freely without worrying about accurately locking AF on moving subjects or on static subjects while I am in motion with the camera. Both are incredibly useful for capturing dynamic and unpredictable subjects in street shooting scenarios or candid shots where you don't always have the luxury of using large depth of field to hide AF errors.

It's what ISN'T posted in these forums that tell the other part of the story - all the images that either could not be attempted because the situation was moving too fast or the rejected shots because AF failed to lock accurately.

The Nikon 1 offers a viable alternative to my dSLR for capturing more than just snapshots and pretty landscapes. For once, I have full confidence in achieving sharp shots of dynamic subjects in a very compact and light package. I already have many compact cameras for taking still life. But it's truly empowering to be able to bring one's camera up to shooting position at a moment's notice and point at something moving towards or away from you and blast off a series of rapid shots knowing with a high degree of certainty that every shot will be in focus.

I guess it all depends on what you like to shoot. The techie photo geek in me will always enjoy pixel peeping and inspecting high res noise free images just for the sake of it. But as I grow as a photographer, I find myself valuing more the attributes that help me get the shot in more demanding situations rather than dwelling on absolute superiority in resolution or absence of noise. For me, the most memorable and engaging photos are due not to technical superiority but rather timing and being able to snap the moment.

Nikon 1 is a phase detect/contrast focus system. So it has better & faster AF.

V1 class will be more suitable to compared against the new Sony NEX5R, which is also hybrid AF like Nikon 1. NEX5R has built in flash and near same form factor with V1.

Comparing an RX100 to a V1 IQ wise is OK, other than than that they are design for different purposes. One can slip in a pocket and one can't. Once can give an argument that RX100 has built in flash for decent photo shots in darker conditions while a V1 owner has to scramble for an optional flash and MAY loose that opportunity you said where the V1 excel for its fast AF. There is no 1 single camera solution, hence we need to buy a few and make them manufacturers richer he he he he.

For a compact camera RX100 is nice. I really like it for what it can do for still photos , the video is great too and so on. It is the best camera for me for my X situation. I have a few others for Y situation and Z situation. My only complaint for RX100 or any other video capable still cameras of mine is, they should provide international frame rate of 25/50p/50i and 30/60p/60i videos on menu so that when I travel to a country with different electrical frequency and I video shoot using ambient indoor light ( ballast ones ), I do not get the annoying flicker.

If I were to be allowed only 1 camera for family holiday, travelling across borders/countriers and on planes, I will use my RX100.

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